Facts & Figures

Find out what it is like working at Mazars from actual figures and facts.
Our staff engagement survey showed that more than 80% of our staff would recommend their friends to apply for a job at Mazars in Japan.

Our working environment

  • 170Number of staff- it has increased by 4 times over the past 5 years
  • 70% of our staff are women
  • 16nationalities- Japan, France, UK, China, Thailand, Korea, Germany, Ivory Coast, Ireland, US, Vietnam, Belgium, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Hong Kong, Philippines
  • 11Spoken languages
  • 80% Paid leave utilization rate


Our clients

  • 140number of clients (for FY2018-19)+30 compared to FY2017-18
  • 25our clients' nationalities as of Dec 2018USA 35% / France 27% / Israel 8% / England 6% / Germany 5% / Thailand 5% / Other


Results of our staff engagement survey

Taken place in June 2021

  • 91% feels that they have good support from peers / supervisors 
  • 85% feels satisfied with their job contents
  • 74% feels that their work provides them the opportunity to learn and grow


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